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The Bund    Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality

Originally constructed to be a towpath to pull barges of rice, the Bund gets its name from the embankment next to the Huangpu River built to act as breakwater to prevent flooding.

It became the headquarters of foreign power in the early 20 th century. Vestiges of colonialism are evident in the grand European-style architecture, most of which now serve as banks. The Bund was once only a frew feet from the Huangpu but in the mid-1990s the road was widened to be a 771m long flood barrier.

From the Bund, one can enjoy the modern view of Pudong while strolling next to the stately buildings of the past. Once known to Europeans as the Wall Street of Shanghai, the modern Bund still echos the pomp and splendor with which the edifices were originally built. At the northwest end lies the British Public Gardens, infamous for a sign that once hung at the entrance that read "No Dogs or Chinese Allowed." Times have changed since then, and Shanghai is still changing, day by day, ever determined to catch up with and even outdo the Westerners who once colonized them.

Early in the morning, before the chaos that is Shanghai roars, elder Chinese gather here to practice tai chi while the air is still crisp. As the day continues, the buildings stand with a pompous kind of dignity amidst the throngs of locals, expats, and tourists hurriedly going about their day. The views of the Bund are particularly beautiful at night when golden beams of light illuminate the elegant buildings against the dark night sky.

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