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Huangpu River    Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality

The Huangpu River runs through the middle of Shanghai and separates Pudong from Puxi. On one side of the river lies Pudong, the modern financial center of Shanghai. The Pudong side bursts with technology. Color TV screens stretch across buildings and the pink glitz of the Pearl Tower stands proud along with China’s tallest buildings. The Jinmao building, China’s tallest and the world’s third tallest building, soars to 1,379 ft high and serves as an impressive and beautiful testament of China’s nationalistic determination.

Opposite this concrete forest stands the traditional grace of the Bund. Lined with European style buildings remnant from the days of Colonialism, the Bund is elegant, beautiful, and charming. The stately buildings are lit up at night with golden beams of light.

There are walkways for strolling on both the Pudong side and the Bund side of the Huangpu River, providing a romantic and quixotic way to spend an evening. The views from both sides are spectacular and are dotted with various refreshment stands, including a Haagen Daaz. For those who would like to take in the view from the river itself, there are several cruises up the Huangpu River offered on both the Puxi and Pudong sides.

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