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Nanjing Road    Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality

Walking down Nanjing Rd is a sight that is overwhelming to take in all at once. The street boasts the famous Peace Hotel on the eastern end and develops into a wide pedestrian road surrounded by shops and department stores from both sides. Countless neon lights scream at passersby to come in and have a look. Malls and department stores, both local and foreign, dot the streets along with various shops and restaurants of all variety.

In the middle of Nanjing Rd. is a small outdoor stage and open areas perfect for people watching and resting from a long day of shopping. There are also many Western hotels on Nanjing Rd, including the Sofitel Hyland, the Ramada, and the Westin.

Reputed to have 1.7 visitors per day, Nanjing Road was rated one of the seven most interesting roads in the world in 1937.

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