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Yu Yuan-Yu Gardens    Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality

Located on the northeastern end of Old Town, the Yu Yuan Gardens and Bazaar is one of Shanghai’s most visited spots. Yu Yuan (Yu Gardens) was originally founded by a rich Ming dynasty family called the Pans. The gardens took 18 years to complete, from 1559 to 1577, but was ransacked during the Opium War in 1942 and again during the Taiping Rebellion. In the Opium War, British officers barracked here and during the Taiping Rebellion, the French. The gardens have since been restored.

Next to the Yu Gardens is the Mid-Lake Pavilion Teahouse, one of the most famous teahouses in China. It has been visited by Queen Elizabeth II and Bill Clinton. Surrounding the Yu Garden and the teahouse is the bazaar, where more than 100 shops and restaurants wind their way over narrow lanes. Souvenirs such as qipaos (Chinese dresses), Chinese paintings, teapots, figurines, and jewelry are all readily available in these stores.

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