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China -> Kashi (Kashgar)
Kashi (Kashgar)  
Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Kashi, known as Kashgar to the Western world, is the gateway to the west and the junction of the northern and southern routes of the Silk Road. Once called "Chinese Turkestan," Kashi borders Kirgizstan and Tajikistan and is a town of silk markets, colorful bazaars, camel traders, and a 90% Islamic population. The famous Sunday Market has been held here for 1,500 years and through the bargaining and bustling you can feel like an old Silk Road trader bringing exotic wares home. The Aba Khoja Mausoleum is where the 17th century Muslim holy man and ruler of the region is buried, as well as Xiangfei, the Fragrant Concubine. It is said she was captured by Qing forces and brought to Beijing as the emperor's concubine but she longed for her homeland and committed suicide, under pressure from the empress dowager. Now she is buried looking out over her home.

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